Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Who doesn't love Mexican food, we have a local spot that serves traditional Mexican food that has been around over 25 years that we enjoy.  It isn't Tex-Mex it is traditional Mexican cooking.  We lived in Lubbock, Texas when we were first married and could get really good  Mexican food so this is a place we enjoy often but made sure to get there today for Cinco de Mayo.  The hardest part of family meals is deciding what to cook for my family so if there is a holiday to give me a direction I go with it.  It is a good way to get out of a rut and when the kids were little let them learn about whatever culture the meal came from.  Having grown up in the military we moved a lot and made friends from all different backgrounds, so were exposed to a lot of different types of foods.   Our parents were always learning to cook from each others traditional meals which exposed us to so many cultures.

Casa De Tellez
1423 Bunting Street
Pottsville,  PA  17901

While some reviewers have compared this to chain restaurants that isn't really a comparison, most of these chains are tex-mex food.  Tex-Mex is a different style food that has been influenced by Southwest cooking.  While I enjoy both types of cooking they are different.  Casa De Tellez is traditional Mexican cooking.  They are also known for their steaks which I always say I'm going to try but end up going with my favorite Mexican dishes.  Last night I had a chicken enchilada, a cheese enchilada, served with rice, beans and soup to start.  A Margarita for me and a Dos Equis for Jim.  He had a combination plate taco, enchilada, and a Machaca (similar to a burrito but spicier shredded beef).  We both enjoyed our meals and will be back when we are looking for a night of Mexican cooking, maybe I will even try those steaks everyone raves about.  It is rather dark inside, a very casual place one side has booths and there is a larger room of tables for big groups.
Unfortunately dove into my dinner without ever getting a photo......maybe next time.  Their desserts sound good but I have never left enough room to try them.

Margarita on the rocks (they also have frozen)
Spicy Potato Cheese Soup

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