Monday, January 14, 2013

After 80° weather time to go home.....

Rog & Jan head back to Virginia today, Jan with plenty of rest Rog with plenty of golf.  Although Jan endured those post treatment effects she was able to rest in a sunny warm spot with Janet & Don.  Upon arrival Jan's foot had swollen a lot and with some cramping, post chemo, riding in a car there was concern it could be a clot so they did spend most of one day in an Emergency Department. She received great treatment and was cleared with a Doppler study, this let those of us far away (who had to make her go) able to breathe easier.  Obviously not something to mess with, after a few days the swelling did go down and she will be taking care to keep it elevated for the ride home.  Otherwise she did well now she is done with those type treatments and will begin on Thurs. with the next round of treatments which occur weekly.   The hope is these next 12 weeks will go as smoothly as the first round.  Please continue those prayers, thoughts, well wishes she'll take all of those she can get.  Emails, phone calls, written notes whatever you can do she loves to hear from all of you!

The Florida condo in a quiet relaxing community made for a great respite.

Dinner out, Kindle time & Words with Friends, lots of sunshine!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A much needed "Mini Escape" for Jan

A much needed "Mini Escape" for Jan....
Helen, Anna, Emily, Janet, Janice, Roger, & Emma
(guess Carla or Don is taking photo)

Before all the news began in September Jan & Rog had planned on spending about a month in Florida with her sister Janet & brother in law Don of course that all changed with the new schedule cancer brings.  You all know Jan doesn't like sitting still but missing out on a trip was driving her crazy--- which in turn drives Roger crazy.  This has been on her mind for awhile but with the holidays brought the reality and Jan wasn't gonna miss it all together.  So 2 days post treatment they packed up for a shortened Florida trip but enough to get rejuvenated & enjoy the 80° temps.  They got a nice surprise with a visit from nieces they don't get to see often enough Tom & Carla's crew live about an hour away and Helen & Emily were visiting them from South Carolina.  What a great treat to get to see them all!  Tom & Helen are the children of Jan & Janet's brother Albert and his wife Ann who still live in Pleasant Mount not far from their homestead.  Can't resist these old photos what great memories we all have being up there.  I'll have to dig deeper into photo archives to find a good one of Albert & Ann---next post.  While they enjoy their 80° I'm headed to Boston where it was 9° this morning!  I'll update this when I get back, their condo has wifi so keep those emails coming, and she'll enjoy some mail when she gets home.

Farmhouse on the hill
A beautiful view from the house in every season.

The always busy pond on the west side of the property.
The trip down included cheese & cracker
party for the girls while they guys caught
up on their football.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Treatment #4 is in the books

Treamtment #4 is in the books!

Jan's twin sister Janet & her husband Don were there for support through this one.  Of course Roger was along as he has been for every appointment she has had.  His Kindle gets a workout I think he is averaging 5 books a week!  Jan's lab numbers were all good that has been a good surprise through this first 12 weeks.  Although she has some GI issues and loss of taste for awhile she has been able to eat well.  There was more fluid build up at the surgery site so she had to go back and get that removed again, otherwise she is progressing as planned.  The tired/exhausted feeling sets in now for about a week to 10 days but she will be spending them with Roger, Janet & Don so that will help to pass the time.  She did manage the un-decorating from the holidays before the treatment so feels good having her house back in order.  January 17 begins her next round of treatments.  These will be every week for 12 weeks, hopefully they will go on schedule and she can get that behind her also.  Continue with letters, emails, phone calls anyone who knows her knows she loves to chat!
                          A Happy & HEALTHY New Year to all!