Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Flowers

We have had continual rain so as the flowers come into season they are blooming as usual but the blooms are getting knocked off the branches from the heavy rains.  Not many Lilacs on the bush this year, the Lily of the Valley were right on schedule along with the Hostas and the Poppy's are ready to pop.  I always look forward to the Azaleas but they only last about 2 weeks but when in bloom it is like looking into a box of crayons.  The Azalea's in red and white open first, followed by the pinks and then Rhododendrons start. If they could only find a way to make them last all summer.  The rain does have everything growing fast.

Love the huge blooms on the deciduous Azalea's!

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Always looking for ways to display
the Rhododendron, kinda like this.
Giant Poppy

Love the Giant Poppy

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