Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring 2011

After a long cold winter, rain filled Spring, May 1 is bringing us some sunshine.  I am always surprised at how affected I am by sunshine, there is a better outlook on everything when the sun is out.  I love how the perennials always return and bloom ready for a few cuttings to bring indoors.  The grass after being brown for months is green, growing, ready to be mowed weekly.  In northeast Pennsylvania the change of seasons is one of our many highlights.  So thought I'd blog the seasonal blooms in our area.  Right after the bulb flowers finish blooming the Bleeding Heart plants are popping with color.  I find these so interesting, it doesn't seem like they can be real with such unique flowers.  They have a nice foliage and when brought in will last in a vase for at least a week.  My garden will often have a new bunch growing from the birds sowing seeds for me, so it is a nice surprise when some appear in a new spot.

Also adding the pansies to outdoor spots help get some color out there early in the season.

The faces on these make me think of "Alice in Wonderland".

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