Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Duck Tavern, Washington, DC

during the holidays the vivid blue lights are on the trees out front

Blue Duck Tavern
24th & M Streets
Washington, DC

glass rooms and bar in lobby

open kitchen

We have spent a lot of time in the DC area over the last 10 years since our oldest began college at American University followed by the next one going to George Washington University and now our youngest who is getting ready to graduate from Catholic University.  With these schools located indifferent areas we know the city pretty well and have eaten in many different places.  Now we have favorites and tend to end up at one of them when we are in the city.  Last weekend found us at "Blue Duck Tavern" in the Foggy Bottom area of DC just before you go over the bridge into Georgetown.  Located in the Park Hyatt the open kitchen is mesmerizing watching the chefs at work.  We have celebrated so many birthdays there each and every one special.  Favorite items from brunch to lunch to dinner----blue cheese grits, bone marrow, duck, braised parsnips, personal apple pie, homemade ice creams, and they make vegetables the star of the meal.  The food is fresh, in season and from local farms.  The decor is just as interesting with lots of glass, beautiful grains in the wooden chairs, huge wine collection and the service has always been top notch.

banana s'mores

famous apple pie

frosted bucket of homemade ice cream

lemonade mojito mocktail

carrot cake bread pudding