Monday, May 2, 2011

Simmeria Cafe & Bistro

Simmeria Cafe & Bistro
24 East Main Street
Fleetwood, PA

I'm going to start adding some restaurant reviews to this blog, we enjoy eating out and being "empty nesters" it happens more frequently.  Locally we get used to the usual spots so when we found something just a few minutes further away I was inspired to consider expanding the radius a bit.  It was word of mouth that led us to this new spot.  Fleetwood, PA is only about 1/2 an hour away and this spot was a great find.  We'll definitely be going back for more.  Fleetwood is a small town that many years ago was known for car bodies for assorted brands and the Cadillac Fleetwood was named for the town.  The restaurant uses a lot of locally grown food, has a creative menu, a wonderful bar area and an outdoor area--weather permitting.

We started our meal with appetizers of lamb pop's and grilled shrimp with wasabi sauce, both were excellent.  Next was garden salad, then entrees of Crab Cakes and Chicken Picatta all of which we thoroughly enjoyed.  The bar had a beautiful granite top, with tall tables for dining in there also.  I would like to try the outdoor area on another visit which also has heaters for cooler nights.  The wait staff was very professional, friendly and informative.  Excellent evening!

We started with drinks from a large selection we chose a Palm Lager and the specialty drink for the night was an Italian Lemonade (Lemon juice, vanilla vodka, Frangelica, and a spritz of sparkling water) it was very refreshing.

Chicken Picatta

Scalloped Potato & the vegetable was a mashed Butternut Squash, with yellow beets,  broccoli and a drizzle of truffle oil.

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