Thursday, August 25, 2011

DC to Celebrate with Mallory & Nick!

Engaged  Mallory Brooke & Nicholas Robert!

After a quick stop back in Orwigsburg we headed down to DC to celebrate with Mallory & Nick who had gotten engaged in Paris, France while we were up in New Hampshire.  What a happy time for all of us and we look forward to a wedding sometime next year.
We celebrated at "ripple" in the Cleveland Park area of DC.  Our first time there, and what a great meal we had.  They feature local seasonal foods. We had a lot of small plates to share and an entree for each of us.  Sometimes these types of dinners don't flow well for me but this was done so well and each plate was delicious.  Although a small place they didn't rush us at all so were able to enjoy catching up on the trip to France, the engagement and our trip to New Hampshire.  We really enjoyed the celebration, the atmosphere and of course the company.  Congratulations Mallory & Nick!
Mallory with Pops

All the years of DC visits we had never been over to Alexandria & National Harbor area so we wandered around there the next morning before heading home.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lake Winnipasaukee, New Hampshire

After the weekend in Boston we drove up to Lake Winnipasaukee, New Hampshire for a few days, staying at a delightful bed and breakfast.  Our oldest Alyson frequents Lake Winnipasaukee so that is how we first heard about it so were excited to get a look for ourselves.  We only had a couple days and ended up with a bit of rain so we did the sights and will have to go back for some water time.  The water is amazingly clear for a lake and being that far north although we had had a week of 100° temps the water was still refreshing.  We found the Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast run by Mike & Pat, who do a great job making you feel welcome, feeding you, and keeping a cozy place.

view of lake looking back from Weir Beach

Our guest room for the stay.

We had a great lunch overlooking the lake at one of The Common Man Restaurants "Town Docks".  Good Chowder, a Cesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp and a Blue Moon to drink-----that screams vacation.

We had rain on and off for most of our time at the Lake so spent our time seeing the area. Enjoyed "Castle in the Clouds" which had trails, waterfalls, restaurant and the beautiful home that sits at the top of the mountain with an amazing view of the lake.

This must be an amazing view on a clear day.

The home had wonderful details, I especially enjoyed the painted glass
in the windows each with a different image.

What a great spot Austin and the Zimmerman's had on the lake!
This had to be a great spot on those cool evenings the rest
of the week.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to Boston--"Techmunch"-"Ten Tables"-"Gaslight"-"Trident" Restaurant Reviews

Sunset crossing river to Cambridge

 "Ten Tables"
5 Craigie Circle, Cambridge, MA
We like trying something new when we get to Boston to visit Alyson and this was a great choice.  We put her on the watch for a place to try and she hasn't made a bad pick yet.  I was in Boston to attend Techmunch which is a food bloggers conference.  Since I am a newbie to blogging I knew Techmunch could only help.  I still have a lot to learn, the day was crammed full of great topics.   Our dinner the night before at "Ten Tables", Cambridge was a good start to a day of food blogging.  They use local vendors, in season produce, even their drink mixers are created there.  The atmosphere is warm, cozy, service was great.  We all enjoyed our meals each trying something different.  My dry rubbed Flank Steak was spicy, cooked perfectly with a generous portion. We ordered 2 desserts and shared, the Chocolate Terrine with Basil Ice Cream---decadent chocolate, interesting ice cream divided review of that.  The Cherry-Almond Crostada with Bourbon ice cream was a big hit.  I could have had a bowl of just that ice cream, amazing.  Ice creams are made in house by the way.  I sometimes forget to pull the camera out but the presentations were worth a picture.......I'll just have to go back!

560 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA

Techmunch Conference was very helpful but a long day indoors, so was glad to have outdoor seating for our dinner at Gaslight located in the South End.  We had beautiful weather, just perfect for dining outside.  Enjoyed an Artisan cheese plate to start, followed by 4 different entrees all so good we had to sample each others.  Warm crusty baguette was delivered to the table before we even ordered and was gone before our appetizers could get there, we knew better than to get more.  No room for dessert although seeing them pass by they were tempting.  On our way out we walked through the bar and indoor dining area where they definitely achieved their goal of making you think you are in a French Brasserie.  Well done!

Duck Confit

Croque-monsieur & frites

Sunday special-Choucroute Garni

Ricotta & Sweet Corn Ravioli
The next day started early as we were headed up to New Hampshire for a few days, but not before getting breakfast at one a place we have come to visit each time in Boston.  "Trident Book Shop & Cafe" -- book shop and cafe, what a perfect combo.  It reminds me of a spot in DC I would stop at when both our daughters lived there "Politics & Prose" another book shop/cafe.  Trident serves there tea in the small cast iron teapots known as tetsubin in Japan, it keeps the tea hot so you can really linger over that newspaper!  The have some outdoor seating and also counter seating besides their dining room.   They have a lot of events if I lived in the city I would be a regular at this place.  If you are in that neighborhood give it a try.  Wouldn't you love a bookstore/cafe in your neighborhood?

338 Newbury Street, Boston, MA