Thursday, May 11, 2017

Approaching Mother's Day

Almost two years since that last very hopeful post.  I wanted to update this and all of you that followed  Mom's path.  We had started this so that so many of you could keep up to date on how she was.  She loved all the notes, phone calls, texts, emails, & these blog posts helped her get out the details so she didn't have to spend every conversation on Cancer talk.  As most all of you know a year after that post in August 2015 Mom developed complications from what we thought was related to the kidney, but unfortunately it was more Cancer and a very aggressive. We had 30 short days from getting the worst prognosis.  She was surrounded with family & friends daily till the very end.  She talked daily with her siblings and truly felt the love everyone shared.  For those of you who followed along here on this blog I want you to all know we miss her every day but we are doing well.  I know that would be most important to her, so that is important for us.  We got through the first year of "firsts" realizing it still hurts and that void will always be there. 

Recently I heard Vice President Joe Biden comment on loss this way.   "The first year is hard everything is the first without them but the second year is even harder because reality sets in that they're really gone."

As Mother's Day weekend approaches I wanted to share some pictures of Mom over the years.

Janice, Gerald, & Janet
Janice & Janet
Bessie (her mom) sisters Janet, Carol, Sharon
& daughter Carolyn in her lap.
Jan & Rog

Janice, Lesley, Janet, & Amy


"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard"  --Winnie the Pooh


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