Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Flowers

We have had continual rain so as the flowers come into season they are blooming as usual but the blooms are getting knocked off the branches from the heavy rains.  Not many Lilacs on the bush this year, the Lily of the Valley were right on schedule along with the Hostas and the Poppy's are ready to pop.  I always look forward to the Azaleas but they only last about 2 weeks but when in bloom it is like looking into a box of crayons.  The Azalea's in red and white open first, followed by the pinks and then Rhododendrons start. If they could only find a way to make them last all summer.  The rain does have everything growing fast.

Love the huge blooms on the deciduous Azalea's!

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Always looking for ways to display
the Rhododendron, kinda like this.
Giant Poppy

Love the Giant Poppy


Original main entrance.


This is a spot everyone loves.  Located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania easy access from routes 80 & 81.  Check out their website and plan a visit.  Everyone, all ages will have a good time at this amusement park.  They add new rides, have great roller coasters, but often it is the old rides that  have been around for many years that everyone still loves.   The food choices are endless, if you live nearby it is a fun place to go just for dinner out.  The park lit up at night takes on a wonderful look with all the lights on the rides.  They have different ways of purchasing tickets, you can get an all day hand stamp or individual ride tickets, but there is no admission price to just be there.  This allows grandparents to watch the kids having a great time when they don't want to ride.  There is shade from large old trees, benches all over, and even some rides everyone can go on.  A couple of old trains, Merry go Round, and the famous motor boats.  Knoebels officially began with a large pool and Merry go Round in 1926 and although grown in every direction those are both still some of the most popular areas.  It was called the crystal pool, the water is so refreshing it comes from nearby streams & filtered.  They offer campgrounds, a large number of pavilions for group outings where gas grills & refrigerators are available.  You can bring in your own picnic or they'll cater it for you.  I don't know of another place with such atmosphere or service.  In the parking lot you will see license plates from all over, definitely worth a visit!  For us having gone since we were kids, then lived near it for a few years and now just about an hour from it there are lots of memories.

Sno Cones, Carmel Corn, Candy Apples, Funnel Cake, Cotton Candy.......all made fresh!

One of the most popular rides!  

Simple hand driven cart but kids love it, you are sad the day you realize you  are to big for it.

streams and trees keep it cool & shadey

The Sky Slide, you sit in a rug and the slide
goes around the rocket ship---Favorite!

Rope ladders and bridges for climbing...no tickets just walk in
and benches for parents/grandparents to take a break.

Paratrooper...another Favorite!

Lots of food choices and picnic tables.

yep, mini golf

tea cups


Phoenix Roller Coaster--listed in top 10 coaster rides
--got them on "Good Morning America"

map of park 

Old car ride winds under Phoenix.

entrance to camping area


The famous Crystal Pool.

paper garbage goes in piggy's mouth it draws it in

 Plan your visit!