Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time to explore Burlington, VT

After the first day on the road that was filled with things to do I decided to spend today downtown Burlington.  We were a bit ahead of the "season" so it was quieter, which works for me.  The whole Northeast of the United States had a very wet Spring season and Burlington was still hurting from it.  Along Lake Champlain there was still a lot of flooded areas, some of the worst they have seen in many years.  This is an area with a lot of outdoor activity hiking, biking, boating, festivals---- Summer is as busy or busier than Winter is with skiers.   After a quick breakfast I headed out for a bike ride along Lake Champlain.  There is a trail that goes for miles and at certain times there is a ferry that will actually take you the rest of the way across so you could go down the New York side.  That part is closed due to flooding damage for now.  I had been looking forward though to going on the old rail bed on the causeway out into the lake but it was also still flooded so I couldn't go quite as far as planned but it was a beautiful morning for the bike ride.  I stopped along the way to take in the view as it changed with the ride around the the north east side of the lake.

Rail to Trail sign along the path.  I am a big fan of using old rail
beds in communities for safe walking, biking, horses we are lucky to live
where we also have access to these trails.

When I got back to the city area I found a spot for a quick drink and lunch then headed back to the hotel to clean up.

Great park area with swings.

Map of Burlington

After Jim's meetings we headed back downtown for dinner and a walk listening to the different Jazz sounds.  There was a bigger crowd out and  with the music playing people would stop to listen or dance along the way.  

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