Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Dinner Adventure

Having researched before leaving home we had a few places in mind for our dinners depending if they fit the schedule.  This is one we are really glad we got to try.  The food was excellent but the location is what really set it apart.  It was so remote we couldn't believe it really existed out there.  It was about 40 min from Burlington, driving north then crossing out into Lake Champlain going through South Hero then on to North Hero these are islands in the lake connected by  causeways (not very high above the water).  The water being very high was right up to the edge of the causeway, can't imagine how they managed before the water started to recede.  Check out Shore Acres website for more details, but this is like going back in time.  We were just before the high season begins but still a number of diners considering the location.  You drive through a lot of empty space to get there.  Such a calmness that comes over you as you walk around the grounds.  With the lake water lapping onto the shore, the birds flying by, and the quiet peaceful surroundings you can't help but want to stay.

Shore Acres
237 Shore Acres Drive
North Hero, VT

Brie with poached grapes
Blue Cheese fritters

Steak, Garlic mashed, julienne vegetables.
Flourless chocolate cake

 A great meal and a wonderful experience, so glad we took the drive up.

the drive between islands

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