Monday, July 18, 2011

Burlington to Boston

View of Stowe from our hotel room.
While Jim finished up his last meeting I loaded up the car, got the bike and rack on the car so we could make the trip down to Boston.  Since we are taking route 89 southeast across Vermont I planned lunch back at Simon Pearce so Jim could enjoy the spot also.  We had a lot of rain the night before so the water was really heavy go over the falls.  We sat on the patio which was opened to enjoy the great weather.  We really enjoyed the sound of the water rushing over the rocks and the small breeze it created.

Water again.....another delicious lunch, checked out the glass shop and got on our way.  What a great spot!

We got to Boston and had a nice evening out with Alyson and Jordan in the North End area.

A good Italian meal, a stop by Mike's Pastry and a much needed walk.

Mike's famous string tied see alot of these
walking around Boston.

Nice view of Boston from the Sheraton.  They do a "birthday rate"
that is a good deal if you only need 2-3 nights, first night regular price
second and third night the price is the year of your birthday.

Paul Revere wearing a Bruins jersey, we were there during the playoffs.

Never ready for the fun to end we headed back to Pennsylvania after a great trip.

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