Monday, December 10, 2012

Treatment #3 ---Done.

Treatment #3 is in the books.  
Chocolate dipped strawberries with pink ribbons.
Jan with some of her work friends.
Downtown lights.

After surgery there is often some fluid build up and drainage down into the surgery site.  Jan's fluid build up didn't occur till 6 weeks post surgery but the site filled up quite a bit.  The surgeon tapped the site and was able to remove all the fluid leaving her feeling better.  Often this will just dissipate but sometimes they have to remove it especially with a larger amount as they did with hers.  Other than that all went well and she has one more done.  The first 2-3 days she feels pretty good so we took advantage of that with some shopping, eating out, and a visit to the Jefferson Hotel in downtown Richmond.  Knowing it would be decorated for the holidays we thought it would be a nice spot for lunch after her treatment.  Jan, Toni, and Lyn had a relaxing lunch overlooking the beautiful lobby area and enjoyed the decorations.  It ended up being a late lunch so were able to catch the downtown lights on our way out of the city.

Jan & Toni 
Completely made of gingerbread and candies,
it made the whole area smell amazing.

Lyn & Jan

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