Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Sharon, Carol, Bessie (mom), Janet
sitting: Janice with Carolyn
Happy Birthday!! 

 Today is Jan's (& Janet's by the way) Birthday!  Throughout their lives they have occasionally been able to get together for their big day, even a few surprise get togethers.  This year Jan will be having dinner with both her kids that hasn't happened since at least 1977, so that alone is a reason to celebrate.  The four of us sitting at the table together a little older and "wiser", wouldn't you love to hear that conversation?

It is also the night before treatment #3, she has her house decorated, her Christmas cards mailed & house cleaned.  The first 10 days post treatment are a bit rough but she still has gotten plenty done the next 10 days.  Hopefully this treatment will go as well and she'll be down to one more of these "big" ones and can move on to weekly treatments.  These leave her very tired with the weekly the lower dose should have less side effects.  Monday she'll meet with the surgeon to set up surgery in the spring, then radiation to follow that.  As always keep those emails, notes, prayers, and well wishes going her way.  

Wintergreen Birthday Weekend 2008

Carol, Sharon, Janice, Janet early mid 80's

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