Friday, December 21, 2012

Get me out of the house!

Looking good ladies!
"Get me out of the house."  Two weeks post treatment Jan is more than ready to get out of the house.  The tired feeling is overwhelming, although she is able to eat fine thank goodness, but the tiredness takes its toll.  With each treatment the weak tired feeling has lasted longer so she is glad there is only one more of this type treatment to go.  Jan planned a night out for her and Mallory (one of her granddaughters) who was traveling through on her way to South Carolina.  After picking her up at the Richmond train station they headed over to Siné for dinner then over to the Carpenter Theatre for the annual production of "The Nutcracker".  Mallory being a veteran of many Nutcracker performances was the perfect date.  So ladies night out was a perfect celebration for Jan's first day out again.  One more treatment -- a rest period -- and she can move on to the next set of treatments, this is one time in life when yes you do want time to move a little faster.  Thanks to all who make calls, send emails, visit it all helps!
Carpenter Theatre, Richmond

"Ballet Pink" roses

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