Thursday, October 18, 2012

Treatment Schedule

Johnston-Willis Campus  part of the HCA Virginia Health System is the hospital mom uses and also where she works part time.  Thomas Johns Cancer Hospital to be specific is where she'll be.

So with surgeries, MRI, CAT scans, bone scans, x-rays, lab tests, genetic testing, lots of appointments done the treatment begins October 25.  A port has been placed in her shoulder so no more sticking her with needles, it has taken a dozen sticks to get into a vein each time so this will be a great help.  She will begin with a chemo drip that will take a little over 3 hours then return the next day for an injection.  There will be 4 of these type treatments Nov 15, then Dec 6 and  the last one happening on Dec 27.  The expected side effects will be loss of hair at 2 weeks and flu like symptoms for 4-5 days post each treatment gradually easing up as days go by.  Then on January 17 it will change to a chemo treatment every Thursday for 12 weeks finishing up early May barring any delays.

Having been given a ton of reading material she is  opting to just see how her treatments progress since everyone reacts differently.   Gatorade is stocked, it is important to keep hydrated and really hydrate the day before the treatment.  She is shopping for wigs and hats so she is ready when the time comes.

For any of you with advice, tips, suggestions, questions, humor or well wishes click on "comment" below to leave a message.  We'll try to update this with pictures and progress as often as we can.

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