Sunday, October 28, 2012

One down....15 to go.

One of the things we had planned to do if mom felt up to it was visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Art which just had the opening of the Chihuly Exhibit.  We were planning to do this Monday thinking by then mom would be up to it and we could avoid the weekend crowds......but hurricane Sandy cut my visit short.  Mom was doing well so we went on Saturday although by the end of the visit she was pretty tired.   Mom had seen a display at Corning glass in New York over the summer while on vacation, I had marked my calendar for this exhibit having seen his work at many different places over the years.  Joined by her friend Toni we also caught the end of the Garden Club's floral displays each inspired by one of the pieces of art in the museum.  If you get the chance check it out you will not be  disappointed!  We would love to think each treatment would go this well but we are realistic and know it will take its toll, but one at a time.  She is following all the instructions staying hydrated, eating well, no caffeine (this is a hard one), and has a super positive attitude which is a huge part of it.  Next treatment November 15 and her sister Sharon will be in from Kentucky to spend some time with her.

A hallway glass ceiling looks like you are
in a coral reef.

The black surface reflects the glass in amazing ways.

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