Monday, October 22, 2012


Her & Janet's banner at a walkathon in Richmond,
Bart we'll find you a pink shirt!

As much as we would all like to help at times like this we all feel there just isn't enough we can actually do.  No matter what we do we want to do more.  People keep asking me "what can I do", "can I help you", "can I help your mom" and I know in similar situations I have done the same.  I'm sure at different stages there will be different needs, right now the support and love Jan is feeling from everyone is very comforting.  Cards, emails, funny stories, laughs it is all helpful.  Right now she is very hopeful that by 4 days after each treatment she will be starting to feel like herself and able to go get her own "carmel latte with skim milk" (I have been with her and as soon as they see her car at the drive in window they are already making it).  When she gets to the window they are chatting as if they know her well from these 2-3 minutes of conversation each morning, (although she can say more than most in 2-3 minutes).  As much as she loves the attention she also loves doing everything herself........uh oh this sounds familiar.  Something I was thinking we could all do is on treatment days find something pink to wear and send an email or note.  Share old stories, funny stories, whatever comes to mind.  While she is going through those rough first days after the treatment she'll be getting the notes and emails which will help pass the time.  Also if you know Jan she would love if there were some pictures in those notes & emails!  You could also post them here whatever is easier.

First treatment Thursday Oct 25 --- Get your pink on!

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