Monday, April 8, 2013

Wahoo!! Last of these treatments!

Well on Thursday Jan gets the last in this series of treatments and she is more than ready to be moving on.  Numbers have been good so she has stayed on schedule having only delayed treatment once so that is good news.  She has tolerated this series pretty well but as she nears the end she is much more tired, the cumulative effect is catching up to her.  With the end of these treatments she'll say goodbye to this great staff, it is a tough area to work in but they never show it.  Most anywhere but the nursery in a hospital is difficult but oncology is the hardest day in day out, when you see a group in action that works this well you are inspired.  They have made a difficult road to travel easier ---A huge Thank You to all of you!

Jan will get about a 4 week rest before having surgery on May 6, then another rest, some radiation and then I'm sure we'll see her back to full speed.

Keep the well wishes headed her way, emails, texts however you communicate.

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