Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#6 Done

Halfway through this round of treatments---Hurrah!  She's getting there ---numbers are good, although she still has side effects they are more tolerable than the last round of chemo so that is good.  A week of visitors made for a happy Jan, nothing can make her happier than visitors and of course trying to avoid germs isn't easy for her.  I equipped her with a lot of hand sanitizers and she is trying to behave in that department.

All hooked up.

Helping out with Draw Something....

Quick visits from children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great grand puppies, sister, brother in law it was a busy week which helps pass the time till Jan is back to full speed!

Maci doesn't stop long enough for many pictures.

Washing baby puppies
At Grandmas you get to sleep on the couch!
and on nice quilts!
Are you going to make me move?

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