Thursday, August 25, 2011

DC to Celebrate with Mallory & Nick!

Engaged  Mallory Brooke & Nicholas Robert!

After a quick stop back in Orwigsburg we headed down to DC to celebrate with Mallory & Nick who had gotten engaged in Paris, France while we were up in New Hampshire.  What a happy time for all of us and we look forward to a wedding sometime next year.
We celebrated at "ripple" in the Cleveland Park area of DC.  Our first time there, and what a great meal we had.  They feature local seasonal foods. We had a lot of small plates to share and an entree for each of us.  Sometimes these types of dinners don't flow well for me but this was done so well and each plate was delicious.  Although a small place they didn't rush us at all so were able to enjoy catching up on the trip to France, the engagement and our trip to New Hampshire.  We really enjoyed the celebration, the atmosphere and of course the company.  Congratulations Mallory & Nick!
Mallory with Pops

All the years of DC visits we had never been over to Alexandria & National Harbor area so we wandered around there the next morning before heading home.


  1. i love the first picture! it looks like they got someone to take it professionally. frame please!

  2. shana we make every photo look professional!

    also, the gnocchi was the best part of the meal. and the fresh baked choc chip cookies....