Thursday, June 30, 2011

Burlington, VT

We arrived in Burlington late afternoon checked into our hotel and headed downtown to explore the area.  There happened to be a Jazz Festival going on the whole week we were there, so lots of music all around.  There are many restaurants and shops along Church Street which is blocked off to traffic for 4-5 blocks making it an easy and pleasant walk.  We walked this every night we were there, with the Jazz Festival going on stages were set up along the way and bands played throughout the area.

Many of the restaurants had outside dining, it was a beautiful evening so we chose a spot outdoors "Sweetwaters" and enjoyed a meal of Tuscan steak, sweet potato fries, grilled vegies and a glass of Cabernet.  This street is also home to the flagship "Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream" so we checked it out but were to full for dessert that night.

We then walked  down to Lake Champlain to see the water view but by then the sun was setting so took a couple pictures and headed back to the hotel.  We were staying at the Sheraton Conference Center since that is where Jim's meeting was located.  It was your typical Sheraton, we had access to the Club Room which was nice in the mornings for coffee/tea and morning papers.  The hotel was on the edge of town and although probably about a mile or two  walk to downtown it was part highway so we usually drove.     It was a nice hotel indoor pool, work out area, good parking all the usual, we had no complaints.  Jim's meeting began the next day and I had plans to meet up with Alyson our oldest in Norwich, VT.  She was driving up from Boston so we could spend the day together.

...........Norwich, VT tomorrow.......

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