Sunday, June 7, 2015

Two years later

Here we are 2 years later......where have we been?

Well after the last post we headed into fall & the holiday season with Jan continuing to get stronger every day.  She went back to her daily walks, got all the new meds balanced, got some family trips in, celebrated the engagement of another granddaughter, enjoyed the holidays, spent some of January in Florida with her twin sister Janet & brother in law Don, helped with crafting for the next wedding and then the news from one of the many tests & scans she must endure wasn't good.  This time Kidney.  Cancer but unrelated to the breast CA.  It felt like a kick in the gut, but like the trooper she is,  she said "let's get in there & get it done" and so they did.  Luckily (if you can use that word in the story of cancer) it was contained, by removing the kidney they were able to get it all out.  Although a big painful surgery & a very painful recovery she didn't have to deal with chemo or radiation this time.  What we know for sure is: you must---everyone--- maintain your regular check ups, know as much of your family history as possible, & the best defense for Cancer is early detection.  Don't put off check ups-- it is your best chance at fighting this disease.

Once again with her drive & my dad's determination to get her where she wanted to be, she did get to the bridal shower.  Amazingly just a couple weeks later still quite sore, she was able to be with us to celebrate.

Bridal Shower day

Having worked so hard to get her strength back the first time, she knew how important it is to get back to a schedule.  With that she got right back to building up her walking and by July was feeling good for the wedding.  She arrived in Vermont pitched right in altering dresses & suits, fixing hair and whatever she saw that needed doing.  She looked amazing completely able to enjoy such a wonderful family event.

Well that brings anyone who wasn't aware up to date and me ready to get back to travel posts.  So if you are interested in travel you may want to check in from time to time.  It is something we love to do whether it is overnights, long weekends, or longer we want to spend our free time exploring near & far.  I will be back blogging a number of trips we've had over these last few years mixed in with some we have coming up.

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