Monday, January 14, 2013

After 80° weather time to go home.....

Rog & Jan head back to Virginia today, Jan with plenty of rest Rog with plenty of golf.  Although Jan endured those post treatment effects she was able to rest in a sunny warm spot with Janet & Don.  Upon arrival Jan's foot had swollen a lot and with some cramping, post chemo, riding in a car there was concern it could be a clot so they did spend most of one day in an Emergency Department. She received great treatment and was cleared with a Doppler study, this let those of us far away (who had to make her go) able to breathe easier.  Obviously not something to mess with, after a few days the swelling did go down and she will be taking care to keep it elevated for the ride home.  Otherwise she did well now she is done with those type treatments and will begin on Thurs. with the next round of treatments which occur weekly.   The hope is these next 12 weeks will go as smoothly as the first round.  Please continue those prayers, thoughts, well wishes she'll take all of those she can get.  Emails, phone calls, written notes whatever you can do she loves to hear from all of you!

The Florida condo in a quiet relaxing community made for a great respite.

Dinner out, Kindle time & Words with Friends, lots of sunshine!

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