Saturday, November 17, 2012

Treatment #2

Surprise!  Carol, Sharon, Janice, Janet
Well all things considered Jan handled the first treatment and the weeks that followed amazingly well.  Main side affect other than the mouth ulcers---- at day 16 she lost her hair, but Jan didn't let that keep her from going to church.  Rog helped her trim the edges she pulled on her wig and headed out the door.  It is this drive & attitude that is going to help her get through this in high style.  Her sister Sharon arrived from Kentucky a couple days early so they could enjoy some time together while she was feeling her best.  Treatment day arrived with a wonderful surprise --her other 2 sisters (Janet from Pennsylvania and Carol from New Jersey) showed up at the hospital and so the 4 of them were able to have lots of girl time together.  We refer to these 4 (and especially when they are all together) as the crazy aunts, but boy every friend who has heard of them would love to have one of their visits.  They are like tornadoes through your house and when they leave your laundry is done, folded, put away, dishes done, closets organized, if you have painting to be done yep check that off too, babysitting, yard work, you name it they get it done.

Jan's lab tests were all good,  so this keeps the treatments on schedule making the next one December 6, here is hoping she continues this well throughout.  She is hoping to feel well enough to get to work a few days this month and Lyn (Carolyn) will be down to celebrate her birthday and get treatment number 3 over with.
A big thank you to her co-workers for the visit on treatment day.

Keep those emails, calls, cards coming she loves to hear from all of you!

Rog & Jan in the waiting room, Rog is going for the
record of books read on a Kindle.

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