Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia is only a little over an hour away so why I have never been to the flower show I can't explain.  I love flowers, my grandmother until she was into her 90's would still go on a bus trip and she was 3 hours away.  I should have realized it would be great to spend a day looking at amazing displays of flowers.  We had a very rainy, cold, dreary day, walked into the convention center and immediately Spring was everywhere.  It lifted the mood instantly. The theme this year was Paris and having been there last year that might have been what caught my eye enough this year to get to the show.  If you ever have the chance this is truly worthwhile.

Outdoor dining area

lights that blend with the flowers

Amazing display of Orchids

Nothing says Spring more than Daffodils and Azalea's!

The wedding display.

The Carrousel

 "Versailles in Flowers"

 so man ideas.......

 What an outdoor living room!

 Competition area:

I will have this on my list of things to do next year and by early March we are ready for some flower/garden ideas.  We left the show and crossed the street to the Reading Terminal another fun thing to see if you are in Philly.

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